FK RASZTER Építő ZRt. has been continuously maintaining and operating its quality management system since 1998. We have developed an integrated management system with a set of elements according to environmental and safety-related standards.

Based on international guidelines, we have formulated the company’s Quality, Environment and Safety Policy.

Our goal is to gain and maintain the trust of our Customers, stakeholders and employees, as well as to minimize environmental pressures, prevent injuries and accidents, and reduce the risk of occupational diseases.

In an integrated system, we regulated all the activities and responsibilities from the purchasing to the final handover, as well as the order of the obligations and measures existing during the warranty period, in accordance with the organizational structure of the company.
We also determined the environmental loads and safety risks caused by the technologies, materials and equipment used in the company’s operations, as well as the potential hazards. Based on the surveys and the regulatory and legal requirements, we have worked our development goals and related appropriations out. To achieve our goals, we order and implement actions and programs, thereby continuously improving our environmental and safety performance. In our documentation system, we have regulated waste management, the treatment of hazardous substances and / or mixtures, as well as waste, noise and air pollution, and the management of safety risks in accordance with the applicable legal norms.

Our environmental objectives include making the generated waste suitable for construction purposes and using it as a secondary raw material after pre-treatment. We have regulated the re-cycling processes and implemented the qualification of the product by operating a factory production control system.

We always design our products and services to take into account manufacturing processes and life cycle management.

The SCC / VCA (Safety Certificate for Contractors) has been applied and certified for our high-risk projects. It also has the advantage of reducing the number of accidents, minimizing losses due to downtime, and increasing employee safety awareness.

Our company’s Steel Structure Plant carries out the quality management requirements related to its welding activities in accordance with the ISO 3842-2 quality assurance standard, supplemented by the EN 1090-2 standard, regulating the harmonized technical conditions for the construction of steel structures, which ensures the requirements of the EXC3 export class.

In order to follow the higher quality, environmental and safety requirements of the intensifying market competition, to further strengthen the trust of our Partners and to increase our customer base, the company raises the organizational and quality level of its business, construction and manufacturing activities by operating a comprehensive system and certifying internationally.

Our certificates

ISO 9001

ISO 14001


ISO 45001


ISO 3834-2

EN 1090-1

In order to successfully fulfill the above certificates, we perform and have performed constant inspections and measurements. We also require similar behavior from our subcontractors and suppliers. We strive to maintain and develop environmentally conscious, safe and high quality service and manufacturing.

Miskolc, 2019. October 20.

László Farkas